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Over the years Quimari developed articles of its own design, production and distribution, such as thrust bearings (used in rotating mechanisms, as exhibitors or shutters) and switching elements and tightening (such as handles, knobs, lobed steering wheels etc).
In these areas and in others, we are willing to discuss with the customer the opportunity to collaborate and establish a partnership of mutual interest.
Our thrust bearings are manufactured from polyamide and assembled with steel balls. We meet customer needs if you need measurements or related items
Thrust Bearing
Steering wheels

Volantino diametro 170mm con inserto d'ottone 15 e 17mm Inserto d'ottone M14

Volantino diametro 150 mm con inserto d'ottone quadrato 15 e 17 mm inserto d'ottone M16 e M18

esempio volantino blu

esempio volantino giallo

esempio volantino rosso

Volantino diametro 120 mm con inserto in ottone 12 mm - Inserto M14

Brass threaded inserts and square steering wheels  offered in various diameters, materials and colours


Knobs with or without threaded inserts brass square or offered in various diameters and in any event customized to every need

Manopola diametro 35mm con inserto filettato M8 ricavato da plastica

Manopola diametro 45mm con inserto filettato

Manopola diametro 45mm con inserto filettato

Manopola diametro 45mm con inserto filettato

Manopola diametro 50mm con inserto M10

Manopola diametro 60mm con inserto M14


Maniglia WS2

Maniglia WS2

Interasse fori: 110 mm Disponibile con fori passanti o ciechi, con base inclinata di 45° o piatta

Maniglia WS3

Interasse fori: 115 mm. Disponibile con o senza inserto d'ottone, con fori ciechi o passanti

Maniglia WS3

Maniglia WS2

Plastic handles with traditional holes or passers-by. Fully customizable in size and characteristics


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