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Materials Selection




Quality Control


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1. Materials Selection
Together we will choose the most suitable material for your purposes, ensuring the best quality. We will suggest  and help in selecting the most suitable thermoplastic and in engineering the production according to your requests.
2. Sampling and finalizing

We offer professional 3D prototyping and sampling services of plastic components. We optimize the mold made on your behalf to maximize productivity.

3. Plastic injection molding
We strive to follow the customer starting from the conception of the prototype, to follow with the design phase, in order to achieve, through the technology of injection moulding, high quality and totally customizable plastic products.


 4. Production process automation
Many processes Robotic automation is going to reduce significantly production costs allowing us to be competitive with those final prices offered in the developing countries.
 5. Quality controls
Quimari ensures strict quality control of all products and services offered. We use the latest and also some of our invention machinery in order to ensure the best quality in the moulding, assembly and finishing of products.
6. Logistic
delivery timing along with the quickness of orders is crucial, today more than yesterday. We have two warehouses, one is dedicated to moulds and used for medium-term stocks, the other one is solelydedicated to daily deliveries.


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